14 May 2011

In which the Melancholy Swan attempts to submerge herself

 Classes are over, exams are graded, and issues at work....well, let's say they are on hold until August.  To start pulling herself out of the black mire of melancholy, the Melancholy Swan is immersing herself in dance and her own research for the summer.

Edgar Degas, Melancholy, c. 1874
For the past few weeks, the lightness and glow from ballet class faded within moments of leaving the studio, when it once sustained me for almost a week. I'm hoping that two classes a week will help me get it back. I also bought two orchid plants for my desk at home and living room and will be buying a posh candle (Jo Malone or Dyptique) in a lemon or lime based scent. Citrus scents are said to be good for melancholy. I'm very persnickety about scented candles so the Melancholy Swan can only buy them occasionally.

For Thursday's class we were in the large studio (usually we are in a small practice studio) using portable barres.  I have to say I didn't like them terribly much because I kept worrying that I was going to bang my foot into the pipe on the end.  What was great was the space we had for center exercises.  For an hour, everything else was forgotten, but only for an hour.

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