29 May 2011

In which the Melancholy Swan feels her toes again

Our penultimate class the week before last was much like the others before it.  It was such a joy to move and work.  Even learning the thigh burning grande plie was a pleasure.  At the end of class I left with the usual feeling of light and grace, but this time it stayed!  We didn't have class this week because the children were having their showcase, and it is still there.  When I stand still I have to remind myself not to go up on my toes (in public) and I continually move my feet from demi-point to point trying to get the strong toe-curl in point.  I missed it terribly and am thrilled that it has returned.

Winston Chruchill described depression as a black dog that followed you everywhere.  I've decided to name mine Roger.


  1. I know what you mean about keeping yourself from randomly going on demi-pointe in public. I do it anyway. I dance in the bathroom at work, and I haven't been busted yet haha.

  2. My husband just smiles and pretends he doesn't know me...