16 March 2011

In which the Melancholy Swan gets ahead of herself

This week the Melancholy Swan has been less melancholy.  The fact that it is spring break helps, but I find myself pointing my toes at every opportunity, and getting a cup of tea an opportunity for center work (while followed by a hopping corgi.)  I was reading old posts from Adult Beginner and caught myself wanting to respond to her posts as a fellow dancer.  A fellow dancer?  After only two ballet classes the Melancholy Swan is thinking of herself as a dancer!

The thought does make me happy.  I'm hoping that just like when they say the moment you get a cancer diagnosis you are a survivor, that when you start twirling around your dining room and counting the days until your next class you are a dancer.

I take my validation from this post by Lauren on her blog Hobo Mama


  1. If you love to dance and you DO dance, then you are a dancer. If dancing gives you an indescribable joy and you can't wait to get back to the studio, then you are a dancer. If you find yourself doing rond de jambes in line at the grocery store... you are a dancer! ;) Congratulations!

    I'm enjoying your blog! Look forward to reading more!

  2. Thank you! Even last night I went to class stressed over something else and starting feeling better the moment I got to the studio and put on my shoes.

  3. Was going to say something lame about not how I'm not sure I even think of myself as a dancer, but Roriroars's answer is so much more fun.
    Cheers to you, fellow dancer!