20 March 2011

In which the Melancholy Swan has a substitute

Last class Jennifer told us that we were going to have Jason substitute for our next class and the moms were all a-twitter. In class last Thursday he had put us through rigorous barre routines (brilliant) and then turns and pirouettes! We did repeated releves where I realized just how weak my feet really are. We releves on just the right and then the left foot and I could barely lift myself once, let alone the eight times he was asking for!

I really enjoyed trying harder routines and moves and in this I had a partner in the loudest ballet mom. She's vary tall and a bit plus-sized like me and she loves drawing attention to herself. In the hallway she loudly announced how smelly her feet were from her pink ugg slippers and how lucky it was that her ballet shoes blocked the smell. She knew Jason and was joking with him a lot and showing how much more she knew than the rest of us. The Melancholy Swan realizes how bitchy that sounds, but I actually like her and was glad she was there because she wanted to try the harder stuff too. She was always first across in center work and I was happily right behind her. The Melancholy Swan is competitive by nature and I like having someone whose example makes me push myself a little harder.

Despite being spring break the latter part of this week the Melancholy Swan has been pretty damn melancholy, and once again, ballet class brought a period of exhilaration and excitement. I'm not sure if it is normal for someone in an acute depression to spin around the dining room at every opportunity, but it gives me hope that I'll pull out of this one a bit easier.

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