13 March 2011

In which the Melancholy Swan has an excellent point

That damned mirror (and how I looked in it) became such a focus of rumination that I nearly forgot how much fun class was on Thursday.  (I'm not the Melancholy Swan for nothing.)  I'd been practicing transitioning my feet from flat to demi-point to full point all week; when I brushed my teeth, while watching tv, standing in line at Starbucks, whenever I thought of it throughout the day.  It paid off in class and I got a lot of praise from our instructor Jennifer.  

I was doing great until we were working center.  I was so shaken by the mirror that I would forget the steps we were doing.  We "ballet walked" for three steps and then pointed for the fourth and pliéd with the leg extended or point for the forth and shift weight to forward foot while pointing back and raising arms to fifth position.  I kept forgetting which one we were doing and it threw me off. 

After class Todd was late picking me up so Jennifer waited with me before closing everything up. We were talking about yoga and the beginner adult classes and I mentioned that I stopped dancing as a child because it became increasingly clear that I would never have the proper "ballet body." I generally liken my shape to that of a corgi. The only feature that I have in my favor are my feet. I have square feet (toes almost the same length)and a high arch. Jessica nodded and said that she noticed in class that I had a excellent point.

So if I can just get the rest of me up to my feet I'll be fine!

Ballet Lesson by Lyn Hamer Cook

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